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Use our proprietary Telegram-based trading bot to trade alpha signals from Twitter, Telegram groups, and on-chain data

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Trading. Simplified

Telegram trading bot using
sentiment and on-chain signals

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  • Automatically trade in our Telegram app with lightning fast execution, private transactions. Based on signals that actually move prices. All combined in one integrated solution - from scanning for alpha to directly executing a trade from those signals

  • You saw an influencer post about a token and then it nearly doubled in price by the time you bought?
  • Multiple Telegram alpha groups and the price moved within a few minutes?

Sentiment analytics that works

Find bullish sentiment
FOR tokens before they
blow up

  • See which tokens are being discussed by the most relevant accounts in the Crypto Twitter space. Understand which accounts are actually good at calling tokens vs. just shilling their own bags. Monitor hundreds of Telegram alpha chats without having to read every single post. All without scrolling and researching for hours.

  • Which account has been calling tokens the best on twitter in the last month or last 7d?
  • What are tokens being discussed across hundreds of alpha Telegram groups?
  • Which token has the most bullish sentiment on Twitter in the last 30 days?

Your analytics coupled with AI

AI-enhanced signals and
alerts to augment
trading decisions

  • Sentiment and on-chain data based AI model

  • Combine millions of data points in our proprietary AI model
  • Confirm your own trading signals to improve confidence in trading decisions
  • Decrease downside risk when receiving a signal